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Tsunami has been onshore and the water has receded yet the roads are gone,  the landmarks smashed beyond recognition but there are people still to be saved,  fed and housed…. And the Royal Navy has arrived to help…

The local radio is asked to give out a UBreg help@@royalnavy and if local people look it up on their phones etc.:

  • They find a map which not only shows where the Royal Navy have created their new base onshore but also a live Google map of how to get there by foot or by vehicle across now uncharted land.
  • What help is available e.g. a minor injuries unit as well as food, water and tents.
  • Pinpoints where to go for more serious injuries
  • Locates other assistance points in the area (e.g. provided by the USA and France)
  • Has a link to a posterboard of people seeking missing friends and relatives.
  • Offers phone/device charging
  • Advice on clean drinking water

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