Family Memories

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Use your UBReg to store and share families memories or important documents. Collate links to online archives, image galleries and documents, or upload your own photos. Include map locations of past family holidays or to show old addresses.

The flexibility of your Beacon is a key aspect of UBReg. We’re not just a single point of file storage, with a unique identified you can collate information from a range of sources into one shareable place.

  • Update information whenever you want
  • Change security from public to private when you choose
  • Regenerate your password to improve security
  • Manage your assets and information with ease

And when you move house you will no longer need to notify friends, family or the office of any changes since you will have given them your UBReg (e.g. home@@samandsam).  When you move you will update the assets connected with that UBReg to show your new address and when friends want to know where you are now living they simply look up home@@samandsam and the up to date information will be there.

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