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Travelling up glaciers or visiting exotic places? Keep your family,  friends or followers up to date daily with where you are and where you are going.

Could you be far from home or a refugee and want your family to have a means of knowing where you are daily.

You give them your UBReg and they can follow your daily updates;

Sam and Sam decide to have a cycling tour round the castles of South Wales. To their family and friends they give out hols23@@samandsam.   They take the train to Chepstow and spend the night there.

To their family and friends they give out hols23@@samandsam.   They take the train to Chepstow and spend the night there.   They post on UBReg starts:

Afternoon everyone – well we and our fancy new bikes made it to Chepstow on the train and found a cheap and cheerful hotel near the castle.   This afternoon we clambered over the castle which sits on a cliff high above the River Wye.   Started in 1067 by a friend of William the Conqueror it runs up the hill above the town.   The town itself has dreadful traffic but has a rather attractive left behind feel to it and lots of interesting buildings.

Tomorrow we head up and across country through the rolling hills (yes hills) of Monmouthshire to see Raglan Castle.   We are really looking forward to Raglan because it is such a classic castle and was used as Castiglioni where the Time Bandits met Napoleon in the famous film.   Staying in the also famous Walnut Tree Inn so we expect a treat of supper.

Next stop will probably be Carreg Cennen with its escape tunnel and after that there are so many the choose from but Kidwelly definitely on list.

Their last post of the tour was:

Writing this on the train back to London from Cardiff.   What a glorious end to a saddle sore day.   We started going around Castle Coch just outside Cardiff which the Earl of Bute rebuilt on the old base of three circular towers sort of conjoined as a triangle.   It is really fascinating and a wonderful woodland setting.   Inside it is pure Victorian revival,  they must have had so much fun recreating it without planners or listed building people looking over their shoulders and being able to create the medieval fantasy they wanted to.

Then onto Cardiff Castle where we are but mice.   The outer walls form a huge square and the footings of the square are the original Roman fort walls which the Earl of Bute rebuilt to how he thought they looked but with revival halls and towers included so one could live there.   The walls enclose this huge space and in the middle the Normans raised a small motte with a keep on top – it is such a midget compared with the Roman walls but,  of course,  when the Normans turned up the Roman walls were doubtless decayed and used as a quarry to build the Norman keep.

Cardiff really looks after this Gothic revival creation and if you like Burgess’ work then this is a must.   We really enjoyed it and we had a couple of hours left for a little shopping before the train!!!

In contrast – the refugee’s tale.  A young man,  he left his family in the middle east after the scars of war to seek to better himself and his family back home.   He knows the risks and he also knows how worried his family is for him.   He sends texts but this is laborious for his wide family so he has given them a UBReg where they can see where he is and have an update daily.

He started with a plan for each post:

  • Where am I:
  • Where am I staying:
  • What have I eaten:
  • Who have I met:
  • Where I am off to next:
  • Have I found work:

He includes maps and photographs when he can which is a great comfort to the family and gives them a great deal to talk about and hope for.