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First up, make sure you’ve set a domain name on your accounte.g. Everest, and this will allow you to have a wide variety of Beacons,  for example:

  • home@@everest – maybe your home address,  a map if difficult to find
  • oil@@everest – where the oil tank is for deliveries
  • meals@@everest – where delivery drivers should leave chilled ready meal boxes

So a pop star called aspidistra chooses that domain and then:

  • fans@@aspidestra – future concerts,  photos,  contact details etc
  • manchester@@aspidestra – forthcoming details of a concert including ticket availability and updates post concert with photos,  fan mail etc.
  • manchester2761@@aspidestra – parking for a fan attending a concert with seating location (if with a ticket this could be password protected),  loos and vending.
  • hopalong@@aspidestra – location of where aspidistra is staying and her phone number for family members.   Note the tag at the start can be any random word, numbers etc.

Equally she may choose another unremarkable domain such as ‘atlantic’ for other purposes such as:

  • press@@atlantic
  • deliveries@@atlantic
  • party@@atlantic

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